I'm not sure who would have questions about these tools considering that the mere fact that someone sent you this link or that you searched for and found it yourself means that you have some idea what all these tools do.... but sometimes people do ask things.

Q - I really like these tools. I use them all the time. Can I have the source code to them?
A - No. These tools are homemade (as the title suggests). The source code (made from php) is a home concoction that I've pieced together that I find hardly fit for public consumption. In fact, for all I know with my lack of real skills in php coding, there could be huge gaping security holes in my php... and not only do I want to not have anyone breaking into my system based on seeing the source code, but I don't want to be responsible if someone breaks into yours if you take the source code from me.

Q - Come on, pleeeeease, I really want to run my own version of these tools.
A - Sorry, its my official stance on sharing these. You are welcome to use and link to these tools all you want... or even put them inside of some frame on your website... I don't really care. I'm not going to put up restrictions unless someone starts abusing these somehow. And since these are homemade, there will be no banner ads or attempt to make money off of these.

Q - Your colors and look to your site doesn't match mine so it would look goofy inside of a frame on my site. I'd really like to get a set of these tools in my website's look and feel. Can you at least tell me what they're based off of?
A - If you really really want to have these tools for yourself, I'll tell you what external programs I use to gather the data that reports to the website. Then you can practice your own php skills and show off your very own webpage to your friends. Just email me and ask. There are too many details to cover on this FAQ page.

Q - I have a really cool idea how you can make these tools better. My idea is (INSERT IDEA HERE). Would you do that for me?
A - Sure! I love ideas. These tools started pretty simple. A lot of the improvements were ideas by other people. Suggest away, I'll probably do it.. or, if not, give you a good reason why I don't feel that your idea is something to add/change.

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