Here's my webtools page. Too many tools that I love on my UNIX system(s) are inaccessable to the average friend/co-worker of mine. Yet everyone has access to webpages. So my choices to help people out involve either giving shell accounts out and teaching people how to run specific UNIX comands or I could just write these tools on the web. So here they are (in order of writing):

NSLookup Gateway - queries 15 major US nameservers and several foreign nameservers

MXLookup Gateway - same as above, but it looks up the MX (Mail Exchanger) for hosts.

RBL Lookup - checks to see if a host/IP # is on any Realtime Blackhole Lists.

Whois Lookup - checks domain to see if its registered. And if so, it provides info on it.

Traceroute Tool - traces the route to said host and sends 10 packs and reports the results

Open Relay Tester Tool - attempts to relay a single message through a remote mail server

RWhois Lookup - Referral Whois, similar to whois but with more info

More to come as I think of it...

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