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Checking Realtime Blackhole Lists

\n"; for($i = 0, $count = sizeof($result); $i < $count; $i++) { if(strstr($result[$i], $domain )) { echo $result[$i] . "
\n"; flush(); $valid = TRUE; } } if(!$valid) { echo "
No results found!

(perhaps that isn't a valid hostname?)
\n"; } echo "
\n"; $result = array(); } ?>


The above output shows if your IP is listed as blocked by any of the known RBL systems. It will say "ok" if it is not blocked but it will say "BLOCKED" if it is. If you find that you are blocked, you will want to first find out why you are being blocked (for example: you are an open relay or are running a mailserver on your dialup account) and then if its a condition that can be repaired (such as an open relay), please do so and contact the above corresponding list to have your IP removed. For instructions or other help, I suggest contacting the mail abuse prevention system (or MAPS, for short). For an even larger list of checks, try the Multi-RBL check site.

Before I modified it several times, the original RBL querying tool (which is an excellently written piece of perl) for the backend of this webtool was provided by the fine folks at UniCom. They make some fine fine UNIX tools which I load on many of my systems for personal use.

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