Open Relay Tester
Mailserver Hostname or IP:   

This will perform a simple test to attempt to relay a message through the above specified mail server.

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Relay Tester:


for($i = 0, $count = sizeof($result); $i < $count; $i++)
         echo $result[$i] . "\n";
         $valid = TRUE;

      echo "
$domain1 doesn't appear to be an open relay.
"; } echo "\n"; $result = array(); } ?>


Unless it says something to the effect of Relaying Denied or Relay Access Denied in the above paragraph, then it was relayed and the customer has an open relay. Please direct them how to close up the open relay before submitting a remove request to any of the RBLs or they will end up on it just as fast (if not faster) as it took you to get them off the list.

Sometimes (though it's not that common) a server will accept the mail to relay and later reject it. So if you're testing your own mail server and you're pretty sure it's not an open relay yet it accepted the initial test-email (from this tool), it doesn't mean that it's 100% correct. The best way to test a relay 100% is to be on the console (or logged in remotely) to the server and use this method. By doing that, you test some (nineteen) different known ways to relay mail through a server. IMPORTANT: this test is only accurate if you're running it on the mail server itself.

If the paragraph is completely blank, that means that the hostname or IP is invalid and/or could not be connected to in order to test for an open relay.

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