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\n"; while(list($key, $value) = each($serverList)) { exec("/usr/bin/mtr -r -c 10 $domain1", $result); $valid = FALSE; echo "Tracing to $domain1...
\n"; for($i = 0, $count = sizeof($result); $i < $count; $i++) { echo $result[$i] . "\n"; $valid = TRUE; } if(!$valid) { echo "No such host or IP.
\n"; } echo "
\n"; $result = array(); } ?>


I never did understand why everyone wanted a way to do traceroutes through a web interface from some network that wasn't their own...... but well, they do. So here it is. I used this really nice traceroute tool simply called Matt's traceroute that can do both text & graphical output.

Just don't forget that the speed of the responses are based on my system here which is on an already oversaturated connection to the internet.

I also have a Long Traceroute tool which will send 5 times as many packets if you want to further check the performance of the hosts along the way.

Uses so far.

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