I keep changing this thing all the time. I'm going to take notes so I don't end up going back and redoing what I already fixed. Besides, web journals are trendy and cool.

02/27/2012 - the majority of my resolvers stopped working. thanks a ton to Michael K from Austria for pointing it out and offering me several replacements
07/19/2010 - several RBLs dried up. thanks to Richard Z from Elkhart, IN for giving me a detailed report so I could clean them out
07/13/2010 - Will F from (I think) London informed me that the cusomter DNS lookup has been broken for some time - fixed now
11/11/2008 - securitysage.com RBL dried up. thanks to William C from Dublin for leading me to that
07/23/2008 - vnsc-lc.sys.gtei.net disappeared, i replaced it with vnsc-lc-dsl.genuity.net
04/16/2008 - fixed the broken traceroute tool. plus i had to disable the whois tool due to abuse. and i fixed lots of not working dns servers in the list. maybe i should check up on this tool more than once every 6 months!
09/26/2007 - i fixed the long-time-broken local dns lookup. Robb L had pointed that one out to me. thanks Robb!
03/04/2007 - i removed 3 more rbl lists, thanks to reporting them as broken to Michael M and Rob R this last week
05/29/2006 - i replaced ns2.texas.rr.com (because they blocked recursive queries) with ns1.super-dns.com
01/05/2006 - i removed several dead rbls off the rbl checker tool thanks to mark k for pointing it out
09/22/2005 - fixed the rwhois tool, its been broken about 9 months and no one seemed to miss it enough to mention its state to me
06/21/2005 - i removed all the reynolds.net.au rbl checks, those were seriously slowing down the checks
12/16/2004 - there, i completed what i claimed i did yesterday. open recursive dns servers at major providers are harder and harder to find anymore.
12/15/2004 - sorry, i've been unable to maintain the dns servers for a while. today i fixed serveral of the remote dns servers.
05/18/2004 - fixed the reverse dns lookup aspect of the dns lookup utility. i was missing DomTools on the system for a few months.
05/17/2004 - replaced resolver0.pipex.net with cache01.ns.uu.net. also replaced ns1.cancun.com.mx with ns1.interplanet.com.mx.
03/26/2004 - removed some dead rbls in the checker. those things die so fast anymore.
11/25/2003 - changed ns2.us.dellhost.com to ns1.us.dellhost.com. i also need to replace the cancun name server. looking for an open server in central or south america. also got the rwhois tool working again
09/12/2003 - add a split rbl checker tool because the regular one was timing out for some people. specifically people behind firewalls that limit http connections
09/09/2003 - i remade the rbl tool from scratch. there are now 122 rbls (from here) it checks. it will be slower because of this
09/03/2003 - added blackholes.easynet.nl to the rbl list
09/02/2003 - osirusoft rbls went belly up about a week ago. so i removed them from the rbl lookup tool to speed it up
03/17/2003 - ns.psi.net stopped allowing remote lookups. so i switched that host to ns2.us.dellhost.com
02/24/2003 - added link to rbls.org for extra rbl lookups
02/10/2003 - updated the whois binary so that .org lookups would work again
01/18/2003 - changed dns.unb.br to dns.cancun.com.mx because the namesever in brazil stopped answering outside queries
01/06/2003 - changed ns.watson.ibm.com to ns.austin.ibm.com because ibm can't seem to keep the prior name server running correctly
12/23/2002 - added a faq page
12/12/2002 - i had a suggestion to add a rwhois lookup tool by roland v. so i did. its now in the main list of tools
12/11/2002 - added nine more rbl lists to the rbl lookup page
10/30/2002 - replaced the now dead sun4u.inima.al in Albania to dns.unb.br in Brazil
08/06/2002 - changed ns.digiweb.com to ns-1.iastate.edu cause digiweb.com stopped working and iastate.edu is the best damned college in my birth state.
06/04/2002 - i had to change the glossary links on the bottom of some of the pages cause the glossary people (not me) changed the urls
04/18/2002 - after thinking about how it wasn't a good choice to start with, i changed ns.sun.com to ns2.mindspring.com (seeing as mindspring actually has dial-up customers)
04/17/2002 - changed orcu.or.br.np.els-gms.att.net to ns1.worldnet.att.net cause they turned off resolver dns services on that system
04/11/2002 - added multihop.dsbl.org (since i missed it yesterday) to the rbl tool
04/10/2002 - removed the orbz.org entries since they folded. i replaced them with the new dsbl rbl lists.
03/22/2002 - ns1.home.net is gone (since home.net is now altogether gone) so, for lack of better ideas, we now query ns.sun.com in it's place.
02/11/2002 - houston.rr.com became stingy and stopped external dns querying. so i switched to texas.rr.com... same company/network, different server. idiots!
01/30/2002 - i somehow became motivated enough to rewrite the nslookup code so that it does reverse lookups now too. yay!
01/23/2002 - fixed the nslookup script. apparently when i upgraded part of the backend tools that this site uses, i failed to notice that one of the flags changed. all is fixed now.
01/21/2002 - fixed a typo on my traceroute pages. thanks for pointing that out, eric w.
01/08/2002 - updated some info on the open relay tester tool so people now have a link to a more rigorous tool but it can only be used from the console of the mail server
12/21/2001 - added an open relay tester tool. i'm sort of afraid someone will find a way to abuse this tool... but i can't think how just yet. i also created (per request of tom hamilton) a custom dns lookup tool. theres a link to it off of the regular dns lookup tool.
12/18/2001 - added a traceroute tool to the list. i also changed ns.mci.net to ns5.mci.net & changed primary.ibm.net to ns.watson.ibm.com. because of change to the nslookup gateway to include ttl lookups, i removed the ttl lookup tool
12/02/2001 - added a whole bunch of new rbl sites. if you use them, its up to you. i only trust a few of these to be reputable and safe.
11/29/2001 - upon my good buddy marc's suggestion, i made a ttl lookup page. its marginally useful, but most useful if you're wondering how long the 15 regular names servers that the mx and dns query tools use have until they expire that old info.
11/28/2001 - like so many places before them, noc.cerf.net stopped allowing the public to query their dns servers. bastards! it may have something to do with at&t taking them over. anyhow, i've replaced it with ns.mci.net and that works nicely.
11/19/2001 - added inputs.orbz.org and outputs.orbz.org. despite what others have told me, inputs.orbz.org was my original rbl of choice on my personal mail server and it has never ever blocked legitimate email for me
11/14/2001 - added bl.spamcop.net for the list of queried blacklist hosts. this is brand new. spamcop is a very reputable spam fighting site. right now this is an experimental rbl, but its worth querying against for now
11/02/2001 - after discovering that i left a gaping security hole in these scripts when i wrote them, i spent the day repairing them all. i guess thats part of the thrill of writing your own tools and letting others use them.
11/01/2001 - the entire site is remade from being a couple scripts to a new page that points to the two old tools and to a new rbl script to see if your mail server is being blackholed.
10/29/2001 - i had to replace the beijing nameserver with one in shanghai because the beijing people must have noticed our queries and shut down access. what retards. its not as if a query to their webserver is harmful in any way.
10/22/2001 - i added dns servers in china and albania
10/03/2001 - i fixed the telstra.net nameserver. strangely enough, it apparently resolved to some name server in kansas. i also added a name server i found in korea
07/30/2001 - i removed ns1.about.com since they're too retarded to keep it working. i replaced it with ns3.earthlink.net
07/11/2001 - i added uneeda.telstra.net to the end of the list upon request of george s. so that end users can find if australia has picked up the changes as well. thanks for the good idea, george. i plan to add more non-us major nameservers as i discover them
06/18/2001 - i removed iway1.iw.net because they sit on the same network as mcleodusa.net, so there wasn't much variation in data.. so i replaced it with a road runner cable modem dns server in my home town called ns1.houston.rr.com
06/13/2001 - i removed ns.netsol.com because they explicitly blocked my server, those backstabbing jerks. so.. i replaced it with a uunet dns server called resolver0.pipex.net
04/15/2001 - added a link from my homepage to here so people would find this from just browsing on their own... not just people who had a link sent to them from me
04/01/2001 - after ignoring this website for 8 months, i added an mx lookup webpage for friends who use this often.
08/01/2000 - the creation of the NSLookup Gateway webpage

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