Get Insulted Again

This is a list of terms/people that the average user doesn't know about. Most often these are brought about by people asking us questions in email or in the Forum (mentioned on the main page).


Mike - the code master who wrote the program that makes the program work. He somehow tolerated Ted's nagging. Ted - guy (aka me) who runs the server. Also, the one who made 75% of the lists that the Generator uses. Ted also made these web pages and also set it up so this CGI works. Ted's other major role is nagging Mike for changes in the code since he can't write C-Code like Mike can. Chauffs - A mutual friend of Ted and Mike's. Karl - Another mutual friend. Both Karl and Chauffs deserve to be on this list. CRNet -, the company that recently screwed all of it's customers over (including me), to perform some illegal activites, just to make an extra dime. This server lost it's service without advanced warning or legitimate reason for close to a day while I scrambled to get things working at other providers.


snarglies - though unconfirmed, it is supposed to be a word from the Coneheads movie meaning "groin area" "Hello? Algiers?" - A line that Mike's dad always uses for awkward silences, often said after someone states something incredibly stupid. cornfused - confused, just funnier sounding. depants - the art of pulling down someone else's pants, often as a practical joke. "down with o.p.p." - An early 90's song by Naughty By Nature. "Back that ass up" - some crazy song that's played in the bars and nowhere else. Don't ask me why it's in there.. ask Mike! Nerf Crotch-Bat - a made up nerf product from a Saturday Night Live skit where kids would use a nerf bat to whack each other in the crotch. Go here (5.9MB) to see a movie clip of it. molar quanity - a scientific term... it means 6.02 x 10^23 particles/units. Hare Krishnas - Those crazy bald guys in the orange outfits chanting and singing. "kick it root down" - A lyric from the Beastie Boys song Root Down. Mr. Hankey - The Christmas poo from south park. fonics monkey - a monkey that was used to try to get Cartman spell better in this episode of South Park. Tater Twister - a miraculous machine that can turn an ordinary potato into curly fries! royale with cheese - What they call a quarter pounder with cheese in France (because of the metric system). A reference from Pulp Fiction. Fem-bots, quasi-evil, give a little bit of a "how's your father" to - All references to the Austin Powers movies. If you haven't seen them, I pity you. Manwich - Sloppy Joe Sauce. Often seen in commercials during the mid 1980's with the phrase "Its not a sandwich unless its a Manwich!". Colon Blow Cereal - a cereal commercial produced on SNL that apparently cleared your colons. Go here (3.8MB) to see a movie clip of it. pet rock - a fad from the mid 1970's... You know... back in the olden days when all you could afford for a pet was a rock and maybe a hill to walk up both to and from school in the dead of winter. garbage pail kids - these wierd collector cards/stickers from the 80s. Follow the link for more info. do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel - a great BloodHound Gang song. Panis - Many moons ago, there were cool graphical demos that people made and were distributed on BBS's. Also many moons ago, there was DOS, and in DOS everything was command-line. Hence, one would have to type in the program name correctly to run it. One of these infamous DOS-based executable demos went by the name of "Panic"... Back then, Ted couldn't type so well, and whether it was a freudian slip or not, a mistake was made and "Panis" was written. From then on, it was and will be regarded as one of the funniest typo's of all time. Elephant Beautiful Balls - There's a brand name of pool balls... seriously! Go to the web site to see for yourself! Soylent Green - a movie with Charlton Heston.. about Soylent Green. Crispy Critter's Cereal - a breakfast cereal last seen in the mid 1980s based on an old cartoon. deep fat fried creamed corn balls - an actual delicacy only found at Happy Joe's Pizza Parlor all-you-can-eat buffet. Geezum - an expletive term that I (Ted) have been introduced to now that I live in the south. I think its a mix between saying "Jesus" and "Cheeze-Ums" (made by Pringles). I'm not sure if the spelling of said expletive is correct, but you get the idea. Big League Chew - a popular kind of chewing gum from long ago. Popples - these annoyingly cute cartoon/stuffed animals from the 80's that would turn into little balls and then into animals and back again. Prime Number Shitting Bear - a bear that shits numbers. I think you have to use Internet Explorer to see this. Vintage Robot Porn - need I say more? farkers - People from Fark.Com... a truly entertaining site. Wang computer - I did not make this up, this is truely an old school computer brand name SWBell technical support - the word "support" shouldn't be used when referring to these people. If you have a problem, it just doesn't matter... these people don't know how to fix it and even if they did, its obvious that they just don't care.

Get Insulted Again