We no speak english so nice so some of these make no sense perfectly. We many sorries.
May a crate of ass kissing people named "dr. mammoth" feel the wrath of scented candles while thinking lustfully of your gold plated hotdog.
May 666 scuzzy computer geeks "Keep It Real" with pot while tinkering with your space-aged pontoon boat.
May a gallon of Hispanic college basketball coaches do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel with garbage after being forced to smell your frozen prostate.
May 32 hairy TWA staff members shave Shakespeare using only your ear wax.
May a harem of funkedified elves shout "Holy duct tape, Batman!" to zebras while hiding out in your cross-dressing pile of dirty underwear.
May 32 fluid ounces of blue trolls grope jelly beans within your tiny cucumber.
May 911 sad mother-in-laws chew up leeches underneath your shrunken snarglies.
May 98 wild Pizza-Hut waitresses curse at donkey turds using only vaseline and your supple labia majora.
May 64 homosexual ninjas dip their balls in Toucan Sam after consuming your decaying snot rag.
May three trillion nymphomaniac gerbils view a porno called Debbie Does soylent green while thinking lustfully of your gold plated panis.
May three trillion chunky Canadians make Hardee's Made from Scratch Biscuits out of flour and Crispy Critters Cereal in the vicinity of your crooked closet.
May a mob of ditzy vampires do an indian rain-dance with ham and cheese sandwiches while performing a drive-by-shooting on your dried up Prime Number Shitting Bear.
May 62 kleptomaniac elected officials play Whack-A-head cheese at the bloated carnival with milkshakes while worshiping your excrement.
May 98 diseased construction workers puke up pasta after smelling dung beetles while rummaging through your imaginary shower.
May a megabyte of sad damn dirty Helens carpet bomb France with a payload of urinal cakes above your recommended daily allowance of decapitated head... FOR ME TO POOP ON!
May many 400-pound boy scouts go bar hopping with yogurt while performing a drive-by-shooting on your neighbor's bodily oriface.
May 64 midget tigons watch "When Zoraks attack!" on Fox while they ponder the mystery of jelly beans while kicking your cross-dressing extremeties.
May a dozen senile boy bands gobble special sauce while polishing your midget forearm.
May 777 weird trolls explode into pieces of Saran Wrap while getting it on with your favorite cheeselog.
May a shitload of moldy porn stars play hide and go douche with beer beside your gelatinous hole.
May too few jagged maniacs get high by smoking donuts below your porcelain god.
May 101 crafty lemmings fight the power of the Statue of Liberty after having to amputate your refurbished aquarium.
May a shitload of jagged Braks flash sloppy joes after waxing your neighbor's dinner salad.
May a megabyte of naked insurance agents cover themselves in creamed corn of doom out from underneath your wet prosthetic forehead.
May eleven born-again Christian Fidel Castros remark "Oops, I crapped my pants" to cat litter after genetically cloning your neighbor's chicken.

Insulter v2.0 BETA 6 by Mike Newman
Words by Ted Harapat, Mike Newman, and others

# of combinations: 96,492,703,376,380,080

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