We no speak english so nice so some of these make no sense perfectly. We many sorries.
May 8 sexy toll booth operators whip Jimmy Hoffa after setting fire to your cat's dirty pillows.
May an infinite amount of cornfused television repairmen suck the life out of barbeque sauce in the vicinity of your missing hole.
May an overabundance of dinky lawyers call the Psychic-crocodile hunters-Network about brains out from underneath your 250 year old fungus.
May a truckload of bulbous scientists puke up mucus after smelling Uranus while playing twister with your space-aged tissue paper.
May 1,000 grape jelly covered lemmings call the Psychic-therapists-Network about benwa balls over your dad's gazebo.
May many impotent prostitutes ask "What cha talking about, Willis?!" to yogurt while kicking your favorite dumpster.
May 777 former transvestites wish they hadn't stuck Captain Morgan Rum up their butt after they play hide and go smuggle BackStreet Boys members after shoving glass shards into your freakin' huge Britney Spears poster.
May 4 high Bill Brasky impersonators shave the word(s) "pasta" into the back of their head right after they gobble Barbie Dolls after being forced to smell your doctor's neighborhood's toxic waste dump.
May a gallon of high strippers sniff their bowels of power after pledging allegiance to your sailboat.
May 8 vegetarian Pizza-Hut waitresses overdose on easter eggs while laying on your dad's extremeties.
May 8 pink dwarves smoke spicy chicken below your green eggs and ham.
May you have nightmares in which Indian construction workers shout "I like to stick Jenga pieces down my pants" to a rotting deer carcass while tinkering with your skid-marked undies.
May 256 yellow mother-in-laws shampoo their hair with earlobes while kicking your withered pontoon boat.
May 1,024 furry vampires spend the morning burping buffalo wings after shoving glass shards into your under-appreciated nose hair.
May a gallon of retarded mexican jumping beans exclaim "Soylent Green is made of your delicious Mr. Wizard" to cigarettes after genetically cloning your fake false teeth.
May 666 Hispanic elves prefer to be known as Big League Chew all over your dried up snot rag.
May 3,000 rabid convenient store clerks fight the power of whale blubber after having a "bad experience" with your unusually small dirty pillows.
May zero angelic tigons douche with party poopers after being forced to smell your engorged arch nemesis, The Queen of England.
May a gross of over-friendly damn dirty apes swing a Nerf Crotch-Bat at earlobes in your royale with cheese.
May three bazillion furry Space Ghosts do a wink-wink nudge-nudge to rubber bands while having a bowel movement on your enlarged pontoon boat.
May 256 uninhibited vampires work for the crime boss known as "Big cucumber Tony" and smuggle Jenga pieces after abducting your homemade local Starbucks.
May 2 chalky Oompa Loompas wish they hadn't stuck hot candle wax up their butt after they yell "Oh Snap!" to AOL start-up disks after pledging allegiance to your crooked boa constrictor.
May an insane amount of irritated dingos headbutt the holy grail while thinking lustfully of your sailboat.
May a harem of beer drinking maniacs build a 260 meter tall tower made entirely of AOL start-up disks after applying Preparation H to your maximum dosage of labia majora.
May a hell of a lot of yellow Roshnis brainwash your sister while performing a drive-by-shooting on your delicious closet.

Insulter v2.0 BETA 6 by Mike Newman
Words by Ted Harapat, Mike Newman, and others

# of combinations: 96,492,703,376,380,080

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