We no speak english so nice so some of these make no sense perfectly. We many sorries.
May 2,000 schizophrenic fighter pilots say "Hello? Algiers?" to pot using only your neighbor's jiggly bits.
May several tanked lawyers belch benwa balls after hearing a loud *pop* coming from your crooked legs.
May an imaginary number of midget toll booth operators taser mayonnaise after shoving glass shards into your uncle's George Foreman Grill.
May a herd of of my favorite convenient store clerks yell "Oh Snap!" to fish balls while scrubbing your ingrown cheeselog.
May a hell of a lot of feathered Scooby Doos break up the monopoly of donkey turds while rummaging through your deep fat fried knockers.
May 1,000 chunky elected officials staple balogna to Ben's moms while rummaging through your uninhibited dinner salad.
May many fleshy managers staple balogna to Richard Simmons by your favorite sweatshop employees.
May a barrel of wild orcs kick Crispy Critters Cereal while performing a full cavity search on your silly putty.
May an insane amount of flaccid strippers place their buttocks on the office copying machine next to Cool Whip using only your mom's crevice, so to speak.
May a crate of of my favorite people who use this arabian-random-insult-generator interrogate your dog's elephant dung while thinking lustfully of your brass monkey.
May 15,000 chalky cats fill up toe jam while sniffing your cracked bat guano.
May 666 bulbous Mormons melt down Popples all over your refurbished legs.
May 32 delicious elected officials put the smack down on jelly beans while getting it on with your maximum dosage of pimp.
May 42 skanky wedding singers fixate on buffalo wings while performing a full cavity search on your delicate family jewels.
May 50 billion crafty Santa Clauses snuggle with sanitary napkins by your 250 year old kazoo.
May an imaginary number of bloated transvestites attack Silly String below your mom's golf cart.
May 32 drugged up elected officials blow bubbles filled with monkeys next to your spastic swimming trunks.
May a barrel of bad tempered transvestites clone Tequilla under your Uncle Fester.
May a handful of sexy lemmings give the gift of Taco Bell fantastic Gorditas to sharp chedder cheese over your scooter.
May you witness fleshy witch doctors masticate Shakespeare while licking your filthy lower intestine.
May a handful of flaming accountants gobble squid tentacles over your expensive tissue paper.
May a molar quanity of high girl scouts join a gang called "The of my favorite Big League Chew" and blow up donuts with a tenderized-bomb made from blue bison carcasses while sniffing your enlarged big booty.
May an overabundance of sticky retards disrobe sanitary napkins all over your hairy sand castle.
May 512 born-again Christian Cuban immigrants determine the molecular formula of a can of Lysol disinfectant spray while thinking lustfully of your maximum dosage of home.
May a handful of jagged porn stars hex monkey porn while performing a full cavity search on your engorged van down by the river.

Insulter v2.0 BETA 6 by Mike Newman
Words by Ted Harapat, Mike Newman, and others

# of combinations: 96,492,703,376,380,080

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