We no speak english so nice so some of these make no sense perfectly. We many sorries.
May an unknown amount of nomadic television repairmen taser banana peels after sabotaging your petrified swan.
May 25,000,000 withered union members buy the Collector's Edition "sexy door nails" DVD, complete with replica turd-pie over your silicone enhanced panis.
May a few homosexual Sadam Hussein offspring genetically splice together several prostitutes with Spam on your nutty face.
May 32 fluid ounces of scuzzy rabbis use the Vulcan mutant farting fish Pinch on pails of spackle using only your recommended daily allowance of palm pilot.
May 999 senile Teds watch "Bakin' Bacon with Macon" with pancake batter in your space-aged scooter.
May a baker's dozen of free-balling Zoraks dirty dance with soylent green within your Swedish Britney Spears poster.
May 64 impotent mother-in-laws devour some alphabet soup using only vaseline and your sweatshop employees.
May a quartet of nearsighted Bill Brasky impersonators hide Meow Mix while having a bowel movement on your Swedish green eggs and ham.
May a plethora of strange cannibals perform oral pleasure to banana peels while standing on your willie.
May 69 fleshy Sunday-School teachers entice Jimmy Hoffa while rummaging through your tiny family jewels.
May a harem of glorious Spice Girls play Whack-A-The Hamburgler at the former carnival with duct tape while laying on your mysterious silly putty.
May a megabyte of nymphomaniac aerobics instructors shampoo their hair with Manwich while defecating on your petrified mother.
May many odd Fidel Castros fixate on Jimmy Hoffa after waxing your moldy cucumber.
May a gross of buff trolls go down on fake ID cards around your Britney Spears poster.
May a crate of quadriplegic garbage pail kids insert hot candle wax while tinkering with your cracked deck.
May 50 billion funny senior citizens pass kidney stones composed of rubber bands after shoving glass shards into your spastic green eggs and ham.
May a molar quanity of wired Enron executives perform liposuction to Frogurt while hiding out in your tiny nutroll.
May 69 former Sadam Hussein offspring puke special sauce after hearing a loud *pop* coming from your maximum dosage of urinal.
May zero nearsighted late night talk show hosts receive two-for-flinching from ditzy buffalo wings while thinking lustfully of your boss's nose hair.
May 512 free-flowing people named "dr. tanked" say "Hello? Algiers?" to Diabetic Desserts while performing a full cavity search on your dreaded cake hole.
May 999 horny farkers dial 1-900-penile implants for a good time with whale blubber after hearing a loud *pop* coming from your boa constrictor.
May a few starving tourists rub smoked string cheese sticks while thinking lustfully of your cake hole.
May a baker's dozen of sickly lawyers cry about the current state of Barney all over your dog.
May a megabyte of insane lawyers take a placebo made of barbeque sauce in the vicinity of Ted's brass monkey.
May a plethora of bewildered AT&T cable service workers join a gang called "The scuzzy spicy chicken" and go potty on bananas while tinkering with your midget prosthetic forehead.

Insulter v2.0 BETA 6 by Mike Newman
Words by Ted Harapat, Mike Newman, and others

# of combinations: 96,492,703,376,380,080

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