We no speak english so nice so some of these make no sense perfectly. We many sorries.
May 4 re-animated tourists masturbate their smoked string cheese sticks while playing twister with Ted's home.
May 911 irresponsible Fem-Bots use the Vulcan a basket of insane tomatoes Pinch on rubber bands after genetically cloning your dried up groin area.
May a couple funkedified corpses go bar hopping with monkeys using only vaseline and your fruitcake from last Christmas.
May 2,000 handsome tourists thumb wrestle chap stick while scrubbing your dried up neighborhood's toxic waste dump.
May three bazillion yellow prostitutes castrate instant mashed-potatoes beside your decaying sweat socks.
May a hell of a lot of flaccid Yodas sniff refried beans outside your favorite scooter... FOR ME TO POOP ON!
May 1,000 400-pound heart surgeons spit on Toucan Sam while fending off your mom's drinking buddy.
May you have nightmares in which free-flowing Fidel Castros perform liposuction to green bean casserole while polishing your worthless popcorn.
May 42 flattened Al Rokers crash through a wall made of AOL start-up disks while kicking your moistened labia majora.
May a crate of impotent Mormons utter "Great Scott!" to deep fat fried creamed corn balls next to your ingrown WrestleMania t-shirt.
May 7 outrageously huge Christins projectile vomit deep fat fried creamed corn balls underneath your hairy Egg McMuffin.
May 101 Indian Karls beat pennies under your family jewels.
May one million lice infested senior citizens go potty on hydrochloric acid above your big booty.
May negative 14 funny elves superimpose the head of assassins onto a picture of motivational speakers underneath your huge tissue paper.
May plenty of former corpses withstand the power of watermelons while licking your recommended daily allowance of ear wax.
May 25,000,000 furious Scooby Doos moisturize squid tentacles while kicking your gigantic toilet.
May an english quart of blue gnomes shampoo their hair with Barbie Dolls within your dog's popcorn.
May 98 ripe Helens pay homage to the god of sausages by sacrificing eggnog beside your piece of Big Red chewing gum.
May an infinite amount of jagged Corey Feldmans fix drawers of sliced meat while thinking lustfully of your spastic dinner guest.
May you witness quadruple amputee Fem-Bots rub strip malls below your cucumber, so to speak.
May you have nightmares in which necrophiliac McDonalds employees regurgitate Ben's moms while sniffing your piece of Big Red chewing gum.
May 999 languid unix system administrators sing "Like a Virgin" to their bowels while performing a full cavity search on your maximum dosage of bum.
May 16 creamy Yodas spend the morning burping BradBot2000s after waxing your Swedish labia majora.
May 999 handsome Santa Clauses view a B-movie called Attack of the Killer beef jerky while hiding out in your shriveled up fat rolls.
May 1,000 re-animated girl scouts take a pee on Legos all over your missing condom.

Insulter v2.0 BETA 6 by Mike Newman
Words by Ted Harapat, Mike Newman, and others

# of combinations: 96,492,703,376,380,080

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