We no speak english so nice so some of these make no sense perfectly. We many sorries.
May 16 skilled ninjas rub some toxic peanut butter while kicking your freakin' huge love slave.
May 32 fluid ounces of vegetarian Canadians interrogate pancake batter in your moldy fonics monkey.
May eleven violent 5th cousins projectile vomit hockey pucks beside your crooked bodily oriface.
May 3,000 former unix system administrators throw alphabet soup at Silly String using only vaseline and your false teeth.
May a crowd of aerodynamic crustaceans apply dangerous voltage to party poppers using only vaseline and your mysterious wazoo.
May an overabundance of stinky whores injest donuts all over your moistened green eggs and ham.
May a gross of angelic tourists have an affair with chalky motivational speakers after consuming your tv dinner.
May a baker's dozen of dancing spacemen grope spatulas underneath your crazy silly putty.
May a hell of a lot of funkedified insurance agents burp up piss after setting fire to your secret boa constrictor.
May a megabyte of wet Mr. Hankeys buy the Collector's Edition "bi-sexual blood clots" DVD, complete with replica Cajun Cheetos while having a bowel movement on your 250 year old forehead.
May a dozen glorious single mothers express their disgust for weasels by pretending to call the Psychic-cannibals-Network about genitals after sabotaging your shorn scrotum.
May a baker's dozen of futuristic people named "dr. irritated" evacuate their bowels in duct tape after hearing a loud *pop* coming from your delicious tv dinner.
May three bazillion ill-tempered Al Rokers consume mass quantities of spicy chicken inside your midget fonics monkey.
May a molar quanity of sad senior citizens sing the rap song "I like big deck" to Toucan Sam out from underneath your withered bat guano.
May 999 vegetarian world leaders rise up against crazy glue after being forced to smell Geoge W Bush's cucumber, so to speak.
May 512 senile fighter pilots give a wedgie to mutant farting fish while playing twister with your 250 year old Waffle-party poppers.
May 999 grape jelly covered heart surgeons perform CPR to Crispy Critters Cereal while tinkering with your least favorite fonics monkey.
May an imaginary number of depressed world leaders hide the truth from hot candle wax while worshiping your gigantic popcorn.
May three trillion bulbous con artists feel the wrath of Rosie O'Donnell while worshiping your favorite Prime Number Shitting Bear.
May 69 angelic Karls sell their souls to the devil for a box of pasta while licking your dinner salad.
May 411 sticky cats choke on duct tape using only your cat's sweat socks.
May a megabyte of depressed McDonalds employees snort crushed Leonardo DeCaprio after shoving glass shards into your secret van down by the river.
May 101 drugged up Hare Krishnas implode yellow ducks after being forced to smell your delicate pile of dirty underwear.
May a gross of Jewish crocodile hunters puke up Pez dispensers after smelling mayonnaise around your rug burnt gold tooth.
May 101 rabid scientists swallow flaming crayons while tinkering with your midget dirty pillows.

Insulter v2.0 BETA 6 by Mike Newman
Words by Ted Harapat, Mike Newman, and others

# of combinations: 96,492,703,376,380,080

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