We no speak english so nice so some of these make no sense perfectly. We many sorries.
May 4 midget clowns clone saltines while polishing your chocolate covered skull.
May one million nutty orcs glaze a ham with Barbie Dolls around your boss's toupee.
May one too many tanked boy scouts be forced into slave labor for a wildlife refuge after consuming your van down by the river... FOR ME TO POOP ON!
May a harem of dinky Osama Bin Ladens rub dung beetles behind your July issue of Vintage Robot Porn Monthly.
May a herd of yellow Iowa Hawkeye Football Players masticate garbage underneath your space-aged light saber.
May a handful of futuristic Bill Brasky impersonators ponder the mystery of Frogurt after having to amputate your Bud Light.
May 2,000 outrageously huge spacemen remove Frogurt at a fund-raising event for Ted's wazoo.
May an indeterminable amount of handicapped college basketball coaches dillute your sister underneath your swan.
May zero obese pizza delivery boys bite door nails after applying Preparation H to your bodily oriface.
May an unknown amount of flaccid mother-in-laws sing "Like a Virgin" to zebras in your boss's arch nemesis, The Queen of England.
May 3,000 crafty elephant men experience what is known as the "easter eggs effect" from Count Chocula while standing on your crazy brass monkey.
May 16 nuclear AT&T cable service workers consummate the marriage of yogurt after consuming your engorged bat guano.
May one million infamous porn stars plead the 5th to hot candle wax after abducting your recommended daily allowance of knockers.
May a mob of living dead Yodas flog Vanilla Ice music after sabotaging your Swedish brass monkey.
May a crowd of futuristic ligers live La Vida kidneys next to your maximum dosage of tissue paper.
May a few gun-toting farkers damn Beenie Baby collectors to hell while spatulas after setting fire to your shrunken eye socket.
May you have nightmares in which death defying fighter pilots watch the famous tear-jerker "Mrs. bum and her Legos" after they spread the herpes virus to cancerous growths while playing twister with your Russian mail-order bride.
May 512 pill poppin' rapists throw monkey brains at scantily clad women after having a "bad experience" with your ingrown boa constrictor.
May one million jagged husbands dabble in the art of beefhearts while sniffing your cracked false teeth.
May 999 sad Yodas pick hairs out of monkey porn using only vaseline and your dried up shorn scrotum.
May a buttload of ill-tempered maniacs be forced into slave labor for pasta after waxing your crazy ding dong.
May many dinky Jehovah's Witnesses evacuate their bowels in Elephant Beautiful Balls after genetically cloning your cross-dressing little yappy dog.
May a hell of a lot of special-ed cretins join a gang called "The impotent soylent green" and claim to have once slept with sphincters under your hole.
May three trillion blue ball-lickers decapitate child evil geniuses all over your royale with cheese.
May a plethora of high speed Canadians smash beer cans on their nipples while defecating on your dad's barnyard animals.

Insulter v2.0 BETA 6 by Mike Newman
Words by Ted Harapat, Mike Newman, and others

# of combinations: 96,492,703,376,380,080

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